Blog club

Like a book club, but for blogs.

Since November 2019 we have been meeting on Sundays on Zoom (usually at 1:30pm EST) to discuss interesting blog posts. Join our discord group for discussions and planning. The meetings take 40—50 minutes on average. This is open to everyone and we are happy to see new people on the calls, so click the link above!

Next Sunday, February 23rd, following last week's discussion of Gwern's “Commoditize Your Complement”, we will discuss Joel Spolsky's strategy letters 1, 2, 3, and 4. They should only take about an hour to read in total. Join the call at 2:00pm EST. Please try to read all the posts before joining, but that is not required. We found that it sometimes helps the discussion if some people had not read all the material!

On February 16th we have discuss two Gwern's posts: “Commoditize Your Complement” and “Timing Technology: Lessons from the Media Lab”.

Some of my favourite posts and essays that we have discussed before:

If you actively use twitter and want to find more interesting posts like those, try out my Chrome extension Ampie. It is also available for Firefox. Much improved version coming soon.