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Hi, I am Gleb.

I am a third-year theoretical CS PhD student at Columbia university, interested in math, machine learning, graphic design, applied rationality, startups.

My current research interests include information theory, data structure lower bounds, applications of representation theory of finite groups to cryptography.

You should follow me on twitter and on goodreads, and, if you can read Russian, subscribe to my telegram channel. I am always up for a coffee in NYC, so drop me an email if you are interested.

I have a pretty CV, isn’t that nice?

In my free time, I have lately been working on ampie — a browser extension that helps you discover interesting links on the web and share them.

You should also check out blog club that I have started last year: like a book club, but for blog posts. Great virtual discussions every Sunday, unfortunately didn't have much time to participate in it lately, but you should join the discord there!